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A space for stories, artwork and essays, in any and all mediums, exploring craft, cooking and creation.

Finger Food Magazine was founded by two brothers who wanted a space to explore the intersections of food, craft and design. Originally conceived as a platform for innovative approaches to food design, Finger Food Magazine quickly developed into a project which would allow independent chefs, creators, craftspeople and thinkers to share their ideas and showcase their work.

Our manifesto:

Food is ubiquitous. Every one of us has experienced food in our own unique way, and we all have ideas and experiences to share.


Ever since prehistoric people crafted their first tools, food has been a design object. Culinary arts are, intrinsically, design practices. Cuisines are the results of design as much as they are the results of foodstuffs. Whilst technologies have progressively moved our hands further from the process, the genesis of all cooking is manual. Finger Food seeks to explore the intersection between craft, food and design, expand upon it and provide a platform for discussions relating to it.


Finger Food is a space for stories, artwork and essays, in any and all mediums, exploring craft, cooking and creation.  We invite you to flick through the pages, see what takes your fancy, and get a taste for the ideas we’re sharing.


Our core beliefs:

We believe in interdisciplinarity. As our planet faces a crisis in biodiversity and monocultures homogenise our landscape, we remain dedicated to maintaining biological, cultural and intellectual diversity. Cross-pollination and coexistence sows the seeds of radical change. 


We commit to carbon neutrality. Our paper is sustainably sourced, our printer is eco conscious, and we offset our carbon footprint. We trust in you to make sustainable decisions when creating your work, and help us uphold our commitment to the environment.


In diversity we trust. Just as we are dedicated to publishing a broad range of work - from poems to patisserie and histories to horticulture - we are committed to offering our platform to the works and voices of people from a diverse range of ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages, cultures and classes.

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